I am atheist, for we are many…

I came across an interesting blog yesterday on the wordpress homepage. It is in relation to the debate about whether there is a God etc. (Hang on… should God have a capital? If so, should an atheist such as myself use a capital? Or is it reserved for christians? I’ve no idea)

Anyway, heres the link:


I recommend checking it out. Im sure if you too are an atheist you’ll find yourself shouting “damnit yes – thats exactly it!!!!” I know your beloved photographer here did!! The post covers a lot of issues that have wound me up for a long time and its good to hear I’m not alone.

Incidentally, a believe a sorry is in order to my fiancee for prattling on about it for what must have seemed like an eternity for her. Sorry man!


3 responses to “I am atheist, for we are many…

  1. Not as many as the believers.

  2. Actually friend, i think you will find that ‘believers’ are vastly out numbered in this day and age…

    … not like it matters to be honest…

    … Im sure more england fans think maradonna’s goal should have been disallowed than dont. That doesnt mean it was…

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